Kink Activities

Vanilla / Intro to BDSM – This one’s for all the vanillas out there or newbies not quite ready to dip their little toe in the kink pool.  Blindfolds, feathers, ice, vampire gloves, and sensation play.

I can give you a tour of the dungeon and show you some of the toys. We can discuss things you definitely want to try, things you might be interested in trying, and your hard limits.

Sensual Domination  is my favorite & can include the following:  bondage/restraints, blindfold, ice, feathers, iron shackles, tickle torture, nipple clamps, vibrations, Neon Wand, sensory deprivation and MORE.

Traditional Domination can include crops, paddles, whips, canes, fire play, feminization, sounding, humiliation, bondage, CBT, suspension (non rope suspension), zap stick, Neon Wand, and more.  This is done on a hoist & spreader bar / standing / kneeling and has more of a focus on pain.

Traditional Domme

Photos of my lair (aka The Dungeon)

Interested in Distance Domination / Phone Sessions?

Give me a call on NiteFlirt 1-800-TO-FLIRT
ext: 11837892

“When we are together, we don’t think about the past, nor the future. We share a moment in time, a connection, and something special that words typically cannot adequately describe.  We have only this moment in time together, hopefully we will share many more moments in time together, one building upon the other, to deepen & grown our connection. But tomorrow is never guaranteed. Only this very moment in time, so let’s make it one to remember. We have shared something very special that most outsiders can never understand, we share the language of kink & our souls have connected. And that is truly all that matters.”

Domina Jane