Domina Jane, I had some amazing dreams last night I’ll tell ya.  I had so much fun with you.  That is exactly what I was looking for and then some….your incredible!!  So hard for me to relax and just “give in” sometimes – both physically and mentally.  You managed to accomplish both in spades.  I definitely want a rematch again soon.  : )

You have an amazing gift of intuition, an incredible repertoire of sensual skills, and are just ridiculously, mind-blowing sexy!!  LOL

The sensations you created as I was blindfolded were indescribable and were sort of disorienting (in a very welcome and enticing way) as I fell most willingly further and further under your spell.

– M

Seattle Pro Domme

I met with Domina Jane for the first time. She was easy to schedule with and the pictures that she posts don’t do her justice. She is a beautiful woman and she carriers herself in a way that multiplies the affect. Her play space is perfect. All of the tools of the trade are there and well cared for. The space gives you a unique ability to see your own session. There are strategically placed mirrors that made my experience much more vivid… (That is, when she allowed me to take off the blindfold) Now for the good stuff. The session was awesome. I had some boundaries that I wanted to test and she pushed my limits. She went way beyond my expectations in unexpected ways. My favorite part of the whole scene is that I could absolutely tell that she really enjoyed tormenting me. It was no act. 10 out of 10 will see again exclusively.
– James

Suck it, my little sub

That was an absolutely amazing experience! Your skills mesmerize me you are awesome! The intensity was perfect not to much but not too little. I cant wait to try new things at are next session 😉
Yours truly,

I appreciate you thinking of me and trying to squeeze me in! I am glad your schedule is filled regularly, it’s a testament to you and your craft. I’ll reach out in the coming weeks so that hopefully I can indulge your pleasures again.
– Grayson

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