Hello and thank you for choosing to peruse my site.

I am a fantasy facilitator focusing on sensual domination. You may refer to me as Ms Jane, Domina or plain “Jane”.  Make no mistake, there is nothing “plain” or ordinary about me. I am an extraordinary creature, a mature woman in my 40’s, educated and look like the girl next door. Traits that others use to describe me: reliable, sensual, sweet, considerate, trustworthy. I will look for some of these traits in the men I chose to play with. My preference is for men who want to build a longer term relationship.

Proceed with caution! My killer curves, devious smile, & skills in the art of domination & seduction, may take your breath away… You will become putty in my hands and the “natural” addiction you will develop for me, will be stronger than any drug.  You will be mesmerized & intoxicated, giddy with pleasure.  Suddenly making you feel like a young school boy again, infatuated by his first crush, as you think back on our most recent rendezvous & fantasizing non-stop about our future encounters. You will become hopelessly & impossibly addicted to ME and there is no cure. Think you’re up for taking a walk on the wild side? Leave your mundane life behind, as I introduce you to my world – a world where fantasy & reality intersect, creating a bliss beyond your wildest imagination.

Come check out my play space which is conveniently located near Downtown Seattle and I offer free parking for my guests. My dungeon has a St. Andrews Cross, hoist and spreader bar, spanking bench, swing, and bondage table (milking table available upon request. Yes that’s right, I have now introduced a new offering: Kinky milking table massage).

Just like you, I value my privacy & prefer men who understand discretion. No reviews, please.

I do cater to outfit requests if that is important to you, otherwise I will chose what I am in the mood for on that particular day taking into consideration the type of session are you requesting.  If you are requesting something I don’t own, you are welcome to buy it for me.

My schedule is busy, but flexible. Please read through my entire website before contacting me.

Also, just because I am not advertising during a particular month, does not mean that I have closed down shop.  It just means that I will have limited availability and know that my regulars will keep me joyfully occupied. Sometimes I go long periods without posting because of the loyalty of my current submissives. You are always welcome to contact me whether I am advertising or not.

I do enjoy both newbies and those well versed in the kink world. If you are new to kink, I would love to be the one you chose to guide you on your path as you start to explore the wonderful world of BDSM. You will be in safe hands with me…

Why might you choose to see a Pro Domme instead of a Lifestyle Domme?

  • You don’t have the time or interest in pursuing something more complex.  Say you are on a fetish site or dating site trying to find kinky play partners. You will have to create a profile.  Then start messaging people.  It may take you weeks or months to convince the other person to actually meet with you in person.  When you finally get the point where you are discussing when/where to meet, a huge amount of people will ghost/flake out on you.  If you actually do find someone who is willing to meet, you will most likely feel like you should take them out to dinner or at least buy them a drink.  Then if you don’t have a kinky play space available, there is also a good chance the other person is not able to meet at their home either, so now you might need to rent a hotel. Then your new play partner may want or expect daily or weekly text messages or emails.  If you are a successful business man you will most likely not have the time or inclination to want to go through all that.
  • A Pro Domme will have a dungeon or kinky play space available
  • She will most likely have a large variety of toys & other BDSM gear at her disposal
  • Discretion
  • Avoiding drama
  • Trying out new things.  Experimenting in the kink world. And if you realize you don’t like something, it’s no big deal to eliminate it the next time.
  • You are married and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your relationship
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • You may only have a 1-2 hour time frame during an entire month that you want to play, and want to make sure the person you are playing with is reliable.  Nothing worse than having looked forward to a play session for weeks, getting yourself mentally & physically prepared, and suddenly  your play partner has a work situation come up and has to cancel on you with only a couple hours notice.


I am blessed that I am able to do this because I chose to, not out of necessity but because it is my passion.  It makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel powerful, it gives me a rush that nothing can ever compare to.

Prospective submissives & friends  – I do not offer any activity that starts or ends with the word “sex” or nudity on my part.

Check out my Twitter –  https://twitter.com/meetmsjane


Find out more about the various options of sessions & list of BDSM activities here.  Already know you want to book me?  Then go to my contact page instead.